Helping you achieve change and improve your life

Providing you with 1-2-1 sessions and group sessions focused on changing the way you feel or behave, Joanna Pemberton uses change techniques to help you with –

  • Stress and anxiety – changing your thinking to deliver positive change
  • Weight loss – coaching, support and exercise to create a new you
  • Phobias – challenging irrational fear and compulsive behaviour

Contact Joanna or call her now if you want to take control of your life.

Putting you at the centre of change

Getting to know and understand you, Joanna offers a wide range of techniques based on –

  • Extensive research – a comprehensive approach to achieving change
  • Relaxation methods – understanding your body and mind
  • Reiki – restoring your physical and mental wellbeing
  • Yoga – improving physical and mental strength
  • Hypnosis – responding positively to suggestion
  • Trance or prayer – using faith or belief you have to benefit healing

Individual sessions focussed on your need

Offering you sessions designed to suit you perfectly, Joanna has created a range of services that combine –

  • Face to face – meetings that offer a personal touch
  • Telephone calls – ideal between sessions to keep you focused
  • Skype – video calls make distance no problem
  • Text – quick messages of support can really help
  • Email – providing you with helpful content

A peaceful and beautiful retreat

When you want something more than individual sessions Joanna offers an all inclusive retreat at Cwm Canol farmhouse. Situated in picturesque North Wales, each weekend retreat combines group sessions and 1-2-1’s. 

Stress classes for groups

Providing you with an environment of mutual trust and respect, Joanna gives you the chance to bond with others and heal as a group.

If you want a new life, free from negative thoughts, feelings or behaviour call Joanna today or contact her now.